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Humminbird 1197 cursor depth

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By Anonymous - Posted on 28 December 2010

I have the Humminbird 1197 si unit. When I want to mark something off to the side I want to know the depth of water when I mark it. Why do I seem to never have anything show up in the "3" Depth below cursor in the active cursor mode? (Is the depth below cursor only good in "sonar view?

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Hey bud this was an issue I ran into early on as well. What I found out is: Field #3 is the water depth below the cursor and is calculated not determined directly by sonar. Since all rivers and lakes do not have a perfectly flat bottom they cannot reliably calculate this depth with any accuracy beyond about five feet from the centerline, and so they do not show anything beyond that point. Not very useful in my opinion and would be less confusing to the fisherman if they just removed the feature until they figure out a way to calculate it from sonar data. 


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