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Humminbird 1197 side image pictures

Ray's picture

By Ray - Posted on 10 August 2010

Here are a few more pictures I made and what I think they represent.
(1) All the white stuff in the dark section is disturbance from the outboard as I had to make a few passes to figure out where the big stump on the left was. It is marked by the cursor and is up on a point.

(2) Here are some stumps marked by the green boxes.

(3) Here is a line of stumps up on a bit of a break line. I think this would be a great course to plot with GPS and run trolling poles over.

danny malone's picture

Ray, middle picture at curser what are shadows too the right and could there be a couple of fish too the right?

Ray's picture

The cursor is sitting on top of a large stump with exposed roots and the dark spot behind the cursor is sonar shadow. A close look does look like you are right, a couple of fish hanging out there also.


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