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Humminbird 1197c si Waypoint Question

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By Anonymous - Posted on 28 December 2010

Ok Ray I have another question while you are answering.

 A waypoint is created by pressing the mark button which takes a snapshot (if enabled) and puts a waypoint AT THE ASSUMED POSITION of the object? Or is it at the boat's position? 

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When you press the MARK button a waypoint is made using the coordinates of the cursor. If the cursor is not activated than it is assumed to be on the boat and the waypoint will use the boat’s present coordinates. If the cursor is activated the waypoint will use the calculated coordinates of the cursor. So if you just press the mark button it marks the boat. If you press the directional key first and freeze the screen activating the cursor then it marks the cursor position..


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"...the waypoint will use the boat’s present coordinates."

Won't the waypoint be calculated on the basis of the exact location (subject to GPS error factor) of the GPS antenna (and not the transceiver)?

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Yes exactly as long as you have an external and not internal antenna.
But if you have the cursor active the mark will be at the cursor position not the antenna.


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