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Humminbird 778c

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By Beau Butler - Posted on 28 June 2010

Ok, my unit is not showing anything but the depth, nothing else, and the depth flashes on and off. No bottom structure, no fish nothing. Could this be a transducer problem? The unit is less than 3 months old.

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Hey Beau. Sounds like the plug from the transducer could be loose. Take a look and see if the transducer plug is pushed down in the mount a bit. To do this you will need to remove the unit from the quick connect mount then just look down in the mount also check for a bent pin. Just for good measure push the plugs up from the bottom. Let me know if this works.


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I know this sounds simple but also did you check and make sure the transducer had not kicked up. The transducer mount will allow the transducer to kick up if you hit something and what you describe is exactly what the symptoms of that are. Easy to fool you because the transducer will look fine when out of the water but if it is not locked it will flap up and down when in the water.


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Ray, Checked the transducer and it is locked down in the proper position. Thought maybe i had clipped a stump and kicked it up. Checked the pins and all "looks" good. When the screen comes up, it just the temp. reading, nothing else. I was trying to get it to run a test mode, but it refuses to do so. I'm stumped here.

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I would pull the unit from the quick mount. Remove the plugs from the quick mount and plug them directly into the unit and try it. If that does not fix it then you are going to have to call Hummingbird. The good thing is they will fix you fast. This is Eddie Kendrick and he is awesome.


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Ray, I agree with you, the symtoms are just like when the transducer gets kicked up on a stump. It will go to flasher mode and show some depth readings, but that is sporadic as well.

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