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Humminbird 997 Interference?

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By Anonymous - Posted on 28 December 2010

Hey Ray I seen you answered the other questions and if I remember you mentioned at one time you had interference on you SI unit. My Side Image photos show interference on the left side, even with the motor trimmed up. This usually happens at speeds from 4-5 mph. At lower speeds (2-3 mph) the photos are ok. I think the problem is water turbulance due to the current transducer location. Do I move the transducer if so where and how? 

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Yep you have interference alright and it is as you said from Turbulence  or air bubbles in the water around the transducer most often seen on aluminium boats. You have a couple of options here. (1) Move the transducer around till you find the sweet spot if your boat has one and mine did not. To do this just go get some good 2 sided tape from a auto parts store and temporarily mount the transducer try it and move it around till you like it then mount it permanent. (2) Second option and the one I ended up using is   use the AS-Si-LR-Y splitter cable. You will need a second transducer as well but mounting a transducer on each side of the transom gave me awesome results. 


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