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Humminbird Down Imaging Better?

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By Anonymous - Posted on 28 July 2010

I have the 798si and I have been trying out the down imaging feature because of all of the talk about it being better. My question is have you been able to see more cover and fish with down imaging than with the regular sonar?

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cc, down looking best thing since peas and cornbread for logs trees etc, if you drive over it you will see it, i can't see fish but others say they can.

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Hey Chaser. I have been a little slow accepting the advantages of down imaging. At first glance it seemed to just show better detail of whatever I was viewing which was not a big deal to me. Only recently have I realized the benefit of down imaging. I noticed at times I would see things on the down imaging that did not show up at all on the 2d sonar. This got me to thinking and had to come home to study and figure it out. What I figured out was Down Imaging just like Side Imaging uses 455 kHz sonar beams, which have a sonar cone angle of 86 degrees, providing much wider coverage of the bottom. 2d sonar uses 200 kHz 20 degree cone that covers .3 times the depth of water (example 10 foot of water 3 feet bottom coverage.) That is why I could see things on down imaging that did not show up on 2d sonar. So scanning for cover and and looking for fish on the cover can be better accomplished in the down imaging view. And Yes there is definitely better detail of what is below the transducer with down imaging. Now the but... When I want to mark and hand fish cover it is best to mark it using 2d sonar so the mark is much more accurate because of the smaller margin for error. "aim small miss small" In the end I think down imaging is another good tool humminbird gave fishermen but it does not replace 2d sonar.


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