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Humminbird SI Sensitivity setting

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By little fish - Posted on 12 January 2011

Ray I have been playing with the sensitivity settings on my 798 and I can not figure it out. What is the best sensitivity setting for Side imaging with the Humminbird 798?

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Hey Bud. The sensitivity is an adjustment of the dark and light colors and the easiest way is to adjust until you get a good contrast between bottom hardness. If you adjust too high it will cause more bright white areas and make it hard to see fish, to little and the image will be darker. I like to adjust per bottom hardness - mud bottoms require a little higher sensitivity and hard bottom reduce the sensitivity to give you good separation of the hardness. For beginners the factory default will work for most all applications. The best way to adjust is to hit the 4Way cursor which stops the screen from scrolling adjust contrast to your best viewing.


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