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Humminbird SI Slow recording

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By Anonymous - Posted on 30 September 2010

I have loaded the latest firmware and I have noticed that when I start recording, my unit slows way down. I don't remember it doing this many versions ago. I have tried several SD cards and all have the same results. Any ideas?

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What type SD card are you using. SD cards come in different Read/Write Speeds. Recommend using at least a 15mb/s (SanDisk Ultra/UltraII) and preferably 30+mb/s (SanDisk Extreem III). This is most likely the issue. Also: In the Snapshot and recording View, check your Ping Rate and make sure it set to Auto. Turn 83khz off. (1 more sonar channel to record thats not really needed) What is your SI range set to? Higher ranges have more info to record and will slow the unit down. Let me know if this corrects your issue.


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