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Jig Heads ?

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By Beau Butler - Posted on 24 May 2010

I have a question. Does the jig head color really have that big of impact on catch?
I have different colors with eyes and all, but it seems to me I catch as many fish with a plain lead jig head. The color of the jig is a definite.
When fishing heavy cover, we lose a lot of jigs, so I got to using the cheaper lead heads, plain. Would like to see some discussion on this.

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The jig head it seems to me can make a difference. I have seen times that was the only difference in what me and the other fellow in the boat with me was using and it made a difference. Like Danny said there are times when the crappiei seem to hit whatever is in front of them but not always. I like the contrast a good jig head gives you. I am also a big believer in the glitter in the heads. You can see them glimmer just under the water and I like that.


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Beau, probably doesn't matter when fish are turned on and does matter when they are finickly (don,t that sound like a politician's answer.)

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Yep, sounds like you'd make a good governor. Maybe I could catch more crappiei if I added a little color to the heads. I do also use a shiny silver head, which catches a lot of fish, mainly because I like that particular hook, it will bend easily when I get hung up. guess I need to expand my horizon a bit.

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Hey Beau. Just so you know. We have the jig heads made with a gold hook that will bend when you hang it. If you use a 8 pound test you can pull it loose most of the time. Please PM me your mailing address and I will send you a sample bag for you to try out.


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