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Long Line Trolling???

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By mchappy - Posted on 01 March 2009

I'm wanting to learn about long line trolling. Anyone know of a good book that explains it well??

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Always woundered about that. Might try that when wind blows next time.

Take a kid fishing!!!

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Try this site. He has a video on there that will give you a little more detail. Click on the Crappie video off of the home page.

Chris "Katfish" Johnson
Professional Fishing & Duck Hunting Guide
Tn River Guide Service

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I don't know of any books on longline trolling,it's seen to be kinda of new to most folks.On pickwick lake it seen like every body fish this way,I guess it because of all the open water you need to cover to find fish.I do know after I got the hang of it,I started catching a lot more fish.My set up is very simple,I use a hand help GPS to watch my speed with.A trolling motor with autopliot to keep my boat straight.I sat in the front of my boat,and fish 13ft then a 10 ft then 8 ft rod out each side of the boat.I like 6lb hi-vs stren line,and most of the time I use 1/8 roadrunners with some kind of grub,my favor is a pink roadrunner with a junebug slider.I just throw out as for as I can cast and set the rods in rodholder.I will pull them at .8 to 1.3 speed,depending on how deep the water is.This will put your baits about 2 foot off the bottom,if the crappiei are a little higher in the water I just shorting some of the lines till I am catching fish.You either how to make very wide turns or reel in to make a turn.I can tell you right now that I am no pro at it,but maybe this will help you out some.


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Midwest crappiei did a good show on long line trolling a couple weeks ago. This is the only TV show I know of that has crappie fishingi every week. It is on the sportsman channel on direct TV.
I have it on our list of Videos to make soon.


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Yea I watch the show every week also. I'm wanting to learn all the ends and outs of it. On the videos and shows they mainly show you the catching of fish part. I would like a book that explained it in details.

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