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By DTG - Posted on 18 May 2009

How many active members do you have? West TN needs a association bad.

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I would like to see an association around the Columbus, MS area.


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mwinter I would also like to see an association around Columbus. Maybe a small club that fished just the waterway like the Bass Club I can not remember the name of it but they fished Aliceville, Aberdeen and Columbus each 2 times a year and they had good turn outs. I do think it is more a reality that potential teams around Columbus join and fish with the West Alabama Club that already fishes Columbus and Aliceville at least until there are enough members to create a Columbus crappiei club. Also I know the Magnolia club would like to get back north to Columbus but just needs more interest.


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DTG I will make a guess at this one and maybe Brad will get on and give an exact answer soon. I think Magnolia has approx 90 members and averages better than 35 boats a tournament.


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I think West Tn or TN/Mo/KY area needs a association. They seem to have fairly decent turn outs. Plus if there is a concern with say TWRA, your probably better represented in numbers. Its funny how the boys down MS way stick togather and in West TN we can't. I think there are alot of people who would like to have a club and fish tourn. but cant spend $300 plus lodging doing it. On the other hand we need some retired/semi retired who have the time to deal with it also.

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About 2 years ago a effort was made at Reelfoot Lake, but after 2 little tournaments it fizzled out.
I tried to get one started for west Tn and north Ms about 2 years ago.
A lot of people was interested, but no one wanted to help work to put it together. It takes more than one person to make it work.
Every time I would present something, I'd have a 100 different opions why they didn't like this or that, and I just got tried of it and nipped it in the bud.
I would like one to, and am willing to do my fair share, but not everybody eles's share.
There is a club called... I think Middle Tn Crappie Club, around Nashville somewere.

crappiei cowboy

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