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Minnow traps to catch crappie minnows

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By crappie_joe - Posted on 05 October 2010

I have been thinking about catching my own minnows for crappie fishingi. I now have more time than money and since I use minnows a lot figure I could save some money catching my own minnows. I also wonder if the crappiei would bite better on the minnows that that see everyday in the wild.. Been looking at some ideas. Any of you guys ever tried catching minnows and which way would you go. The store bought ones or the homemade. Also been doing some reading on where to set the traps and it seems shallow water with current and structure may be the way to go.
Another thing. What about bait? I have read everything from dog food and cat food in a stocking to crackers and bread..

wire minnow trap.jpg
clear minnow trap.jpg
Plastic minnow trap.jpg
Homemade minnow trap.jpg
Glass minnow trap.jpg

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