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Need info on Crappie spawning

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By zinomori - Posted on 29 January 2011

I am new to crappie fishingi and need your advice to understand few things. Can anyone tell me when do the Crappies start spawning at Caddo lake? I googled this topic and read somewhere that crappiei prepare to spawn usually when water reach between 65 and 70 degrees, the migration from deep-water homes to shallow water “time shares” begins. By the time the water warms above 70, most spawning is complete, and crappies have returned to their year-round homes deeper in the water.
Can anyone confirm this for me please?

Thanks in advance.

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Crappie generally start their movement out of their deep water winter haunts when the water temperatures start warming towards the 45-50 degree range. They will congregate around the entrances of creek channels until the water temps reaches around the 50-55 degree range. Then you can expect them to begin migrating towards the shallower secondary creeks and bays, using the channels as "highways".
As a general rule, surface temperatures in the 62-65 degree range are almost perfect for shallow, spawning crappiei.
Any bad weather or cold fronts can set the whole process back a few days to a few weeks.
When water warms to the 70-75 degree range, the females will leave their nest and move to nearby deep structures where they staged before the spawning. The males stay behind to guard the nests. By the time water reaches 75 degrees, the males will be joining the females and migrate through the channels the same way they came in back out to the deep cooler water for the summer.
It is important to remember depth finders measure surface temperature which is different from actual temp.


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zinomori, look just to the left and click on "search" then enter spawn as key word then click on "crappiei by degrees" the info is accurate, danny.

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