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New from Se MO

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By mowaterdog - Posted on 11 March 2013

Trying to pick up on all yhe tips I can with limited time to fish. Great that others will share their knowledge of being able to fish for hours,

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Well, the bass boat is gone. I went to Union City to see if he may have a 754 stick steering, thats all my feeble mind would contemplate... i walked thru his shop, lo and behold there set a brand new Predator 861, as i walked past it i heard a loud pop, it was my neck turning backwards to investigate this boat,, Storage compartments everywhere, a place for 2 chairs in front. My first choice, a 90 yam 4 stroke. BUT after thinking about a few times on KY lake where the weather caught me, and my philosophy, its better to have power and not need it, rather than need power and not have it, anyway--it will soon be mine

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OK guys, i never see anyone in the chat room but me, guess i can talk to myself--lol. Stratos is history, i,m leaning heavyily towards a war eagle 754 vs , also leaning towards the most horsepower it can handle, for one reason, try to outrun a storm that sneaks up on ya, you will understand. An old fisherman told me once, its better to have to much horsepower and not need it, opposed to needing the power, and not having it. I,m figuring on the i-pilot and the side and bottom locaters. Sure would be nice to hear from someone, cus sometimes i look like the only member in the club.

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Hello everyone, I,m from New Madrid MO, (the earthquake capitol). I used to crappiei fish and loved it. After retirement, I bought a place on KY lake, and got heavy into bass fishing, well, it was fun Stratos with a 225 etec. But, I,ve not eat the first bass, I miss my trips to Grenada and sardis. Buying property in KY is not all i hoped it would be. the only place ive been the past 5 years ---and I miss my war eagle 861 Predator. So theres property for sale in KY and a bass boat and a pontoon. the day the bass boat sells, I will be ordering a new war eagle. and looking foreward to it

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