Night Fishing

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By KidCrappie - Posted on 15 June 2010

Has anyone ever tried spider rigging at night with flouresent line and black lights? I am thinking about giving it a try since the weather is so hot now.Let me know your thoughts.

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Hey KidCrappie. I have never crappiei fished at night but this hot weather got me thinking about it. All I have heard about night fishing they guys stay still around a light source. You are talking about trolling as normal just black lights to show your lines correct?


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Ray I have had little sucess sitting still. I am planning on slow trolling.Using the black light to light my lines and the tips of my poles so I can see the bites. One eye on GPS and sonar and the other on the lines. I spoke with John Woods this morning and we think it will work on some waters better than others.

Kid Crappie

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At night sitting still under a light is a good way to go. Presenting the bait is the hard choose. Jigs, live bait under a cork or both. Some times just a minnow with a small bb size weight can be counted down until you find the hungry fish. Just getting out there and spending time enjoying fishing and life is the most important part.

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I have never thought about slow trolling at night. I have fished a submerged light source and done really well on jigs and minnows. however, hot or not, if it happens after dark, I usually opt out as I like to go to bed early. Good luck though and I would like to know how it works.

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