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Offset Stacked Rig for crappie

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By catman - Posted on 06 October 2010

I have been checking these rigs out and wondered if any of you guys were using them and where you can get them. Looks like a double minnow rig but with wire to keep the offset.
Here is the description I copied.

The offset stacked rig is one of the most commonly found crappiei rigs for purchase in lake side tackle shops. This rig features two stand off wires that are attached to the main line. The standoffs are located a foot or so apart on the main line and both will have leaders of several inches extending from the end. A snap will typically be attached for securing a hook or lure. The main line will extend another foot or so below the bottom offset wire and will have a snap for attaching a weight. This rig allows for the presentation of two different types of baits at the same time.

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Sounds like a variation of the Capps and Coleman rig with wire. If I am not mistaken Grizzy Jigi sells a version of this rig that uses wire..


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