Parasite in fish

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By wingman - Posted on 23 February 2009

Does anyone ever find a small parasite in there fillets. Seems to be a small pocket around the spine of the fish. I first located one in the fillet under a bloody spot that wouldnt wash off. Has anyone else ever found this.. After talking to some more friends they have found the same thing also.

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Never caught one that you could see this on the outside if the fish. Always found it after dressings them.

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I have found this on several fish caught at Aliceville. I caught one in January that had a couple spots like you're talking about but none since. Last year I caught one about 6 inches long and this fish had what looked like sores all over it's head, tail & body but that's the only one I've seen like that.

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Check TWRA website

Click on online fishing guide page 45 questions and answers section. It says they are perfectly fine to eat as long as they are cooked properly. The parasites will not transfer to humans.

Chris "Katfish" Johnson
Professional Fishing & Duck Hunting Guide
Tn River Guide Service

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I have found the same thing you described wingman. Not often down here in Columbus but more often in Kentucky lake and Pickwick it seems.


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I have never found any but I have heard a few people say that they have.

Where are the fish?

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You can hold the washed fillet up to a florescent light and see them alot better. I just always cut it out add a little water and its ready for the grease.

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Are you guys talking about the small red worm looking critter you find in the fillet most of the time in hot weather?

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Yes thats it.

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