Poinsett Lake

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By larry bivens - Posted on 09 June 2010

I live in Jonesboro,Arkansas and fish Poinsett lake very often for crappiei. I slow troll most of the time using 14' Capps & Coleman B&M poles. I fished last Saturday for about (3) hours in the afternoon and managed to catch about (10) keepers using 1/8 oz mini jigs tipped w/minnows. I caught probably 35-40 small crappie but only keep (10). I was fishing in 14-18 water and caught most of my keepers about 10' deep. I also have a cabin at Sardis Mississippi and I went down the weekend of Memorial Day but had my grandkids with me ages 5,7,9 yr. old and didn't get to fish(pulled them on tubes on lower lake)I am a new member of Crappie 101(March'10) but I enjoy reading about other fishing trips and also techniques that are used.I have fished Crappiematers tournaments in the past but have not had a chance to fish any tournaments this year(last tournament I fished was National Championship @ Grenada last year)

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Welcome aboard Larry. I think sometimes the "carp fishermen" rub off a little on all of us. We all like to catch a live well full of slabs, but it's fun just to catch any crappiei sometimes.
I have been fishing for many years, but have learned a lot of new techniques from this site, sometimes I kind of mix it up and it works for me. These guys are what I call "dedicated" crappie fishermen, and like I have said many times, a crappie doesn't know what state it's in, so it works in many places and different lakes. Like "slow trolling", had never done it before I read about it on 101, I love it...
I have also made a lot of new friends thanks to Crappie101. I can't wait to fish with some of these guys.
I look forward to hearing more of your fishing stories and seeing some pics.

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Larry welcome to the site. We thank you for your reports. Sardis is one of my favorite lakes that I do not get to very often but I am planning on taking the family there in 2 weeks. The plan will be pull crank baits till it gets hot then pull kids on the tube. My first crappie fishingi trip was to Sardis lake. We fished out of a rented boat with a 7.5 Mercury and a paddle. Had cane poles nylon line and huge corks. Never forget that. Did not sleep a wink the night before... That is what I think about now when I include my kids on fishing trips.


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