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Post crappie spawn patterns on the Tenn-Tom Waterway in Mississippi

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By Quicksilver - Posted on 12 May 2010

I have worn the crappiei out in coves/sloughs off of the main river around brush all spring, but I have no idea what to do when the summer comes. Do they go out to the main river channel when the water warms? Quite a bit of current in the main channel some times. Most of these coves I fish are less than 8 ft deep and I assume the water would get very warm?????? How would you fish the main channel?? Trolling would be impossible and jigs in current would be tough. Any help would be appreciated!

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Don't give up on those sloughs and shallow water yet. Just ease off the bank a bit to maybe 3 to 5 foot deep. After this plays out I'd go to the nearest deeper water or breaks where you caught your spawning crappiei and work your way out to the river.
In the river, you have eddies that can work in your favor as well. Just ease along the main channel and look for where the water turns back and fish there.
Also remember. Some fish are "home bodies". Some don't migrate, but tend to hold in a certain area year round. The Tenn-Tom Waterway has lots of this kind of activity. Find those spots and you can catch fish year around.


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