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Pulling crank baits for crappie?

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By Anonymous - Posted on 13 May 2010

I have been hearing about catching crappiei pulling crankbaits for a while now. I think I am going to give it a try this year. I have a few questions though.

What crank Baits should I get?
When do you start pulling crankbaits?
How fast do you pull them?
How far behind do you pull them?


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The crank bait season is fast approaching. June, July and August are probably the most productive months. More than anything water temps seem to make crank baits a good method. Water temps over 75 should be a good starting point.
Bandits are by far the most popular crank baits for crappie fishingi it seems but there are many other that work. I have grown fond of the XPS crank baits at Academy Sports. They look and preform like Bandits but cost $2.79 compared to 4.29 for a bandit. I Like the deep divers in the 300 series from Bandit. I have found you can adjust the depth on those by the amount of line you let out and speed. More line and more speed makes the bait go deeper.
The speed I like is 1.7 to 2 mph when pulling cranks.
How far back to pull crankbaits? Well I pull multiple baits and set the line counter reels from 50 to 125 feet to start. In other words 1 at 50 feet, 1 at 75 feet, one at 100 feet and 1 at 125 feet. The further back the deeper they run. When I figure out which pole is catching more fish I adjust them all closer to that distance.

Hope this helps.


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Here is something else that will help you with the depths on the Bandit crank baits.


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