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Reelfoot Lake 2-28-10 John Woods

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By Woods - Posted on 28 February 2010

John Woods Crappie.jpg
Black Crappie in Cooler.jpg
Reelfoot lake black crappie.jpg
McGrath Crappie.jpg

I fished Reelfoot Lake Sunday. Started about noon and fished to about 4:30 and caught a few crappiei. While I was there I ran into the McGrath family Matt, Luke and Regina. Luke who will be 6 years old in March had lots of fun fishing with his Mom and Dad and was treated to ice cream at the Dairy Queen when they stopped fishing. Crappie fishing was slow so I rode around and took pictures of Eagles And Turkey. Jason Taylor out there in Texas wanted to see what Reelfoot black crappie look like. Here they are Jason probably enough weight to win the Reelfoot Lake tournament coming up the 13th. I can be bought you know. Woods

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John, Nice fish, really nice. Glad someone is doing some good. As for Jason, just remember, Michelle has already filled his freezer. Poor Jason.

Beau B.

Jason Taylor's picture

That is a good mess of fish. It didn't look like the fishing was too slow with that good cooler of fish. Thanks for the good pics.
Jason T

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Jason, look close at how thick and fat those black crappiei are( BUTTERBALLS ) They been eating to many of Miss. Martha' biscuits. Woods

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Jason, thanks when the water warms up I will try to get you a large mess of black crappiei. Woods

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