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Reelfoot Lake 3-6-10 John Woods, Brandon McIntosh

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By Woods - Posted on 07 March 2010

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John Woods & Brandon McIntosh fished Reelfoot Saturday. We were using 14 ft. BnM poles, Minnows, and double hook rigs. We fished about 1/2 day and caught 55 crappiei. Brandon is getting married next Saturday 3-13-10. So we probably want be seeing any more pictures of him on crappie101 any more. Woods

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I was the boat close to you when you got picture made. We were the only 2 at that spot and I dont know why.

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west tn. crappiei, how did you do that day? Woods

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55 is a good number you better slow down on those fish your going to sein the lake. good catch
Jason T

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Jason I had a buddy at work that use to say John you are suppose to leave some for seed. Jason the reason Reelfoot lake is so shallow is because of all the lead weights,hooks,fishing line,props,outboards and boats all those STUMPS have took out. Woods

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Woods enjoyed dinner saturday night with ya'll. Brandon is done in 5days haha. i gotta give him a hard time.

T. Todd

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T. Todd I enjoyed dinner also. I guess I will have to call you to go fishing with me after Saturday. But maybe Brandon will have time to clean our fish for us. He can do that after work in the dark. Woods

DTG's picture

I got dibs on his poles & huntin stuff.

FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simpson Jigs
Phillips 66
Oxygenator/U2 Pro Formula

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Someone better call dibs, his stuff may dry rot before he gets to go again!


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