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Sardis Dec. 13 John Woods,Thomas Hill,Warren Cotton & Pop's ( user name

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By Woods - Posted on 14 December 2009

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Back on Sardis Sunday Dec.13.It started out foggy with a drizzle of rain. At times you could not see the bank. Even though I had a cold & sinus problem I made the 5 hour round trip to spend the day crappie fishingi with my friends Thomas & Warren. Since Thomas wife gave him a one day pass I thought I had better go it may be a while before he get's another pass. And I sure am glad I did. The first crappiei I caught was a 2 lbs. black crappie. When I got home I weighed my 7 largest crappie in a 5 gallon bucket. Bucket and crappie weighed 15 lbs. Take off 1&1/2 lbs for the bucket that's 13&1/2 lbs on seven crappie. Unreal for Sardis Lake that is Grenada Lake weight. Pop's nice to meet you. Tell the boys at to get to fishing and post some pictures on crappie101. Warren & Thomas thanks for the Christmas Present and your Friendship. John Woods

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Fishing Sardis yesterday for me and Thomas started out extremely tough after several hours went by i got a little concern but Thomas never panic.After Thomas long conversation with those crappies we finally discoverd a pattern and started catching Slabs.I really had fun and learned to have more patience when crappie fishingi we where using the NEW (WOODS & Mcintosh Minnow Rig).We also want thank john for comming down and catching Slabs with us.


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are yoy sure you caught thoes john / they look like truthful tracy size fish to me.

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Charlie, Truthful Tracy always catches more and bigger crappiei than I do. If you don't believe it just ask him. If I tell him I caught a 3 lbs. crappie he says he caught 3 & 1/2 lbs. crappie. But I have got it figured out. ALWAYS LET YOUR BUDDY TELL THE FIRST LIE. THEN YOU CAN JUST ADD ANOTHER 1/2 lbs. TO IT. Then you are sure to out weigh him. Breaki out those fishing poles. Are you like my friend Danny L. and Thomas Hill? Having a little problem getting a pass. Just tell your wife you are going fishing with me and that should get you out of the house. Your friend John Woods & have a good holiday season!

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Hey John, Keep the reports and pictures coming.I so enjoy reading them and seeing your pictures. I am am arm chair fisherman for a while longer. I will finish chemo therapy Dec. 22 and hopefully be back on the water in Feburary. Merry Christmas everyone.

Kid Crappie

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KidCrappie,Thanks for your reply. It's nice to know that someone is reading my post. When you get to where you can come to these northwest miss. lakes. Give me a call 731-334-9669 and the fishing trip is on me. Thanks and Good Luck! John Woods

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Thanks for the offer John, I will be in touch soon as the DR releases me. I would love to fish a day with you in Ms or as my guest in TN.

Fish hard, live long and be safe and well!

Kid Crappie

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