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Sardis Lake Jan.6, 2010 John Woods & Carl Painter

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By Woods - Posted on 07 January 2010

Well I got enough wind in my sail to go crappie fishingi today. Carl Painter invited me down to fish with him from his boat.

On the way down I saw 11 degrees on my truck. Man that's the way to go fishing. All I had to carry was my hat. By the time I got my entire winter wardrobe on it was probably 8:00AM we fished till about 4:00PM. We caught 27 crappiei using 12 ft. BnM trolling poles with live bait fishing in the 20 ft. depth range in front of the dam. Carl baited my hook, told me when I was getting A bite, dipped the fish, took my fish off. Had plenty to eat and drink even had napkins. He said fishing with me was like fishing with that crappie cowboy guy he fished with the day before. Carl said he was thinking about starting A guide service exclusively for senior citizens like me and Gary, the crappie cowboy. Giving A 10 per cent discount like the restaurant's do. ALL YOU DUCK HUNTERS FROM AROUND HAYWOOD COUNTY STAY IN THE DUCK BLIND WITH BRIAN RAMM & JOE WELCH WHERE ITS NICE AND WARM. ME,CARL AND GARY THE CRAPPIE COWBOY WILL GET THESE SLAB CRAPPIE AT SARDIS. Carl I had A great time. Thanks for inviting me down.John Woods

crappie fishing 275.jpg
crappie fishing 276.jpg
crappie fishing 277.jpg
crappie fishing 278.jpg
Jason Taylor's picture

Those are some nice crappiei. You guys are tough die hards at 12 degrees. Boy that sounds good navy beans and crappie. Good pics. Nothing like some good sardis crappie. Be sure and save some in case I want to come back and fish.

parrotwalker's picture

nice crappiei know I love crappie fishingi .....but I do draw the line....normally at about 32 degress

Woods's picture

Parrotwalker, I tell everybody it does not get to cold to crappiei fish. Its the wind that will take you out. We had a light and variable wind with sunshine quite pleasant. Woods

Carl Painter's picture

Thanks John! Was a pleasure having you in the boat. Hope we can do it again real soon! Carl

KidCrappie's picture

NEWS FLASH.........
Woods and Painter are a menace to the Crappie population on Sardis Lake.
Great catch guys!!!!!!!!!!

Kid Crappie

Woods's picture

KidCrappie, As you probably saw from the pictures, when it was time to take a picture at the end of the day Carl picked the two LARGEST CRAPPIE from the bunch leaving me holding two Smaller crappiei. He explained it is my boat. That is OK though I got the crappie. I'm putting on a pot of WHITE BEANS now and tomorrow the CRAPPIE MEET THE GREASE. WOODS

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John your making me hungry talking beans and crappiei. Thats ok though I am going to eat crappie tomorrow for dinner and Junior is cooking them. Does it get better than crappie and beans? The answer to that is NO ! Stay safe and well !
Talk soon Paul

Kid Crappie

Woods's picture

KidCrappie, We cooked all 54 crappiei fillets. With white beans, hush puppies, onion rings, french fries and a big slab of onion at a little cafe I hang out at. Them boys ate everything but the box the fish were in. Wish you and Carl could have been here.Woods

Carl Painter's picture

Now John, don't be tellin' stories!!! The ones I'm holding just look bigger cause I have longer arms! LOL!

KidCrappie's picture

There are no fish in those pics to be ashamed of Carl. Thats a great catch at any temperature.

Kid Crappie

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