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Sardis Lake Mississippi crappie fishing report from the water real time

Ray's picture

By Ray - Posted on 31 January 2011

John Woods is out on Sardis lake right now and look at this hog crappiei he just sent us. As you can see from the picture 2.11 double minnow rig slow trolling. Man that is a nice crappie.
Here is another picture of John's wife Hope holding 2 really nice crappie.

moto_0187 (1).jpg
wcotton's picture

THE KING of CRAPPIES in the Mid-South John Woods Stikes again nice job buddy yall really caught a Boat Load of Slabs.You allways make it seem so easy strong work keep on getum young man lol.


Woods's picture

Thank you, Thank you very much. Woods

Danny Lawrence's picture

Those are some nice slabs you got there John,and it,s nice to see Ms Hope out on the water too,she should get out more often.Maybe you should think about asking her to be a part of your guide service,you would get more business i,m sure. Still those are some nice fish. Crappiedogg

Woods's picture

Thanks Danny, how is the fishing at Conway? Woods

Big Papa's picture

John it sure good to see Hope fishing with you. Nice catch.

Woods's picture

Big Papa, I don't let her go much. She has to work to make me some minnow money. Woods

newagecrappiefishing's picture

nice fish john! looks like I should have came to sardis saturday. i'd rather catch one 2 pound slabe to 10 just keeper size fish.

You don't fish I see no point in talking to you.....

Woods's picture

newage, me to not much good to catch 20 crappiei that will go in a two liter coke bottle. Woods

crappie cowboy's picture

I think Hope is the one that taught John how to fish, look like she still has him in class. You go Hope, you show
Those are some sho nuf slabs!

crappiei cowboy

Woods's picture

Cowboy, She just does not have staying power. After a couple of hours she is ready to go. Woods

Carl Painter's picture

Y'all really need to ease up on my fish! I'm starting a petition to change the limit to 10 per boat, but only for John Woods! You are a fish slayer my man!

Woods's picture

Carl, you to hard on this poor boy from Tenn. Woods

Huck Finn's picture

Those are some really nice size fish, WTG!

Woods's picture

Huck, Thanks it was all in the waning moon. Woods

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