Sardis Nov. 19.

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By Woods - Posted on 20 November 2009

I fished Sardis Thursday by my self. Why would a man retire and play golf ? Crappie fishing is where its at. I was goofing off and looking for crappiei in different places. I fished some 50 foot water in front of the dam and caught crappie. Thats wright 50 foot of water. The crappie are every where. Just throw out your BnM poles with live bait. Fish in the 20+ foot range and when you go home you will have crappie for supper. Buy the way Charlie said the reason I had to fish alone was because he was the only friend I had. Woods

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The only reason Charlie says he,s your friend is because he knows no one in Kentucky and Tennessee likes you. But you have friends in other places,but where are those other places? I wonder about those pics taken on Saudis lake, they almost always have a dark background to where no one can tell just where you are. Now I,m not saying that you would fib or anything like that but why would anyone fish 20+ feet deep when they could catch fish in 10+ feet of water? besides if you caught those fish in 50 feet of water their eyes would be bulging out. Would you be opposed to the suggestion that maybe an observer ride along one day just to keep you on the straight and narrow? If you can,t find anyone in Mississippi to believe you you can come to Arkansas for a while ,until your reputation catches up with you. You will always have at least one friend here also.Crappiedogg.

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Danny, Ray Gray and I stopped fishing a little early today. Not because we wanted to but because the wind was to rough at Sardis today. That east wind is a killer down there. I had out 4 drift socks at one time today just to slow me down, or my pictures would have a dark back ground today. Not a problem with the observer as long as he or she has $300.00 for the day. Or I'll take you for FREE since you are my friend. When you get a pass come on down and Me You & Charlie will fish and have dinner like we did in the day. Any way Ain't crappie fishingi fun ? And every thing that goes with it is just a BONUS. Woods

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A super fishing spot containing a number of big fish; also any place with a large concentration of keeper fish. When you find a honey hole, you'll want to keep the location to yourself or risk someone else catching all your fish!

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