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Shallow water Anchor

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By Ray - Posted on 07 July 2010

I am seriously considering buying one of these shallow water anchors with the brake system. There are a lot of times I fish cover in water 6 foot and less and I know not running the trolling motor would be better.
This is just a fiberglass rod you stick in the ground to hold you in place with a bracket to hold it.
What you guys think about this?

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Nice, I had thought of using a length of PVC in a clamp as a "redneck power pole" this is somewhat more refined than my idea. Where can these be purchased? Or, is it homemade?

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Hey Carl. Here s where I found it. I am also thinking about ordering a 10 foot 3/4" fiberglass rod from a supply company so I could use it in a little deeper water.


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What's the cost with the 10ft pole?

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They do not offer a 10 foot pole but you can buy one from Granger and such places for about $20.00. The unit with 8' pole is $135.00.


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