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SI Images of crappie we caught

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By Ray - Posted on 23 February 2010


Here is another example of seeing crappiei on the Humminbird 1197 and then catching them. These are 3 snapshots I took just before Charlie and I fished this area. I was pretty sure they were crappie because of their size. The were relating to a drop and a single underwater tree you can see in one of the snapshots. We caught about 10 crappie off this spot in 2 passes with the trolling poles. In the first snapshot you can see the crappie around the tree and all the way out to the boat. In the last 2 snapshots you can see how they are scattered down the drop. We marked 3 spots with the Humminbird 1197 from the console where the fish were along the drop and used the GPS on the 797 up front to stay on the fish because the points were transferred to the front by the interlink. I am really liking this set up and learning more all the time.

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ray, can this same thing be done between two 797's?

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Yes DW you can interlink the 2 Humminbird 797's and have the way points transferred automatically to the front when you mark them from the back.


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