Slab Crappie

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By Anonymous - Posted on 21 May 2010

I would just like to know what you guys call a "Slab" crappiei. Just how big does the crappie have to be to be considered a slab.

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Hey Anchor that is a pretty good question. Got me to thinking. I reserve the "slab" description for the crappiei I catch 2 pounds or over. On my home lake, Columbus MS those 2 pound crappie are hard to come by. Well hard to come by for me at least. At the bait shop I hear folks saying they caught a cooler full of 2 and 3 pounders all the time but I just can not seem to come up with those fish on Columbus. Now on Grenada, Enid or Arkabutla I move the scale up to 3 pounders before I call them slabs. Will be interesting to hear what others say after all this subject is definitely relative..


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I hear the same stories all the time. I have discovered that a cooler full of "slabs" usually means a couple of nice 2 pounders and the rest 10-12 inch fish, unless it is by someone reputable.
"Slab" to me is 2 lbs and better. However, we use to use the term "saddle blankets" when refering to fish over 16 inches.

Having grown up in Louisiana, I can remember the first time I saw the word "crappiei", and you can only imagine what a 10 yr old thought that was.( almost got my mouth washed out with soap) It was either a white perch or sac-A-lait.

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Depth of lake where the lowest level of useable oxygen and cooler water temperatures meet. Crappie will rarely be found below this level.

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