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Some crappie close to banks

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By danny malone - Posted on 05 April 2011

Went fishing friday 4-01 and caught nice mess of eating fish, some of the fish were right on the bank some were sitting on stumps. Never fished in water over 5 ft, note the nice color of male fish i am holding. Also note me highly trained squirell "big red" Red is trained to retrive jigs from branches now that fish are on the banks. I will rent big red for $20.00 a day 30.00 per day if you have wife with you. Also note if another fisherman catches you with jig in tree you can pretend to be taking pictures of big red. Please book early as dates are filling and i need the money for boat gas. Please note my fish date!!!!

03 019.JPG
03 017.jpg
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Darn. Just my luck.

Shannon Admin

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Nope "big red" is a pointer not a retriever!!!

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Can "big red" retrieve crappiei from the water? That seems to be what I need help with. :)

Shannon Admin

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