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By Ray - Posted on 06 August 2009


I have had several requests for the plans on the driver I use. Here is the PVC driver plan.

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Do you ever have any problem with people knocking over the stakes with anchors etc?...I watched the video...Did you state you can get thee stake usually 3ft deep into the bottom of the lake?...If it is mud etc..

I purchased the supplies to make one of your stake drivers today...Just need to drill holes into the 3inch pvc, cut out 3 inch circle piece of wood and put it together...Going to drive some boo to make stake beds for a habitat at a local lake this weekend..


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I have not noticed any damage to the ones I have out from anchors or chains being drug through them.
I have had the stakes drive 3 foot in muddy bottoms but more like 2 foot on average.
You are going to be very happy with the BOO stake beds. They are awesome producers for me.


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Hi Ray,

I watched you drive the boo on the youtube...I also seen you threw out a marker where you wanted to put the stakes in at..My question is do you try to make pattern or try to keep the stakes so close to each other?...Or do you just start driving them anywhere that area?....

I am going to have my work cut out for me Saturday...Going to be using the stake driver to drive in boo and wood stakes...Scored a whole truck load of wooden stakes for a cheap price...Figured if I don't use them all this time?...I can go out another time and use them...


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