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Sunday 10/10/10

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By danny malone - Posted on 12 October 2010

This was my last day to get to fish lake Hugo, meet Jason Taylor around 7:30 a.m. and we tried other area's of lake and could catch nice fish here and there but just could not pinpoint large #'s. Ray you have always answered every question given to you so here goes: which stump would you have fished by and answer can't be the one that was holding a fish!!! Again Jason and i both caught several nice fish just not the big #'s, had tons of fun, meet two nice friends and had a safe time "it doesn't get much better."

LAKE HUGO (1).jpg
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Jason & Beau I thought Reelfoot Lake was bad. You guy's may have us beat on stumps. Woods

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Great pics Danny. I want to see Rays answer on which stump to fish.
Jason T

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Jason, i think i finally have Ray "stumped."

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Ok ya'll give me a little more time to work on this answer. I am on the road working and do not have all my tools to put together a good answer.


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Ray, Let me help you out here. Yall see that stump in the second picture, at the back of the stump field on the right had side? Spider rig all the way back to it with double minner rigs. Then turn around and come back thru em. When you get back thru em, if you got any hooks left, go back thru em.

Good luck.

Tracy H

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Nice looking catch. Anyone have a report from the river north of Hwy.93. Thinking about going to morning and trying in the river. Anyone from the Paris area wanting to go i have a back seat open are i'll fill a back seat.

Don Denison

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