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talfermann - Columbus Lake help

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By talfermann - Posted on 28 March 2011

Hey all. I've been looking at this site for over a year now, but just never created an account, it's a great site! I'm a graduate student at Mississippi State getting ready to finish up my Masters degree in fisheries science.

I had a quick question hopefully somebody will help me with... My father in-law is coming into town this weekend and wanted me to put him on some crappiei. We could fish either columbus lake or possibly grenada. I've been on both lakes, but not sure where to start looking for the crappie. Any tips on where to go at Columbus or grenada? I don't expect anybody to give up their honey holes, but just a fairly good place to start. Maybe a step farther than "fish the old river runs."

Thanks for any help! Feel free to email me at

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Hey talfermann. Grenada is on right now and this weekend Crappie masters will have a tournament there. This can be both good and bad. Bad in it will make the lake a bit more crowded good in that if you are unfamiliar with the lake there will be lots of really good fishermen to watch and follow their lead. My deal would be Yalobusha river and target 3 foot of water and less.
If you decide to come to Columbus it will really depend on what the water does. I have not caught fish in the gravel pits yet to amount to anything. There are some fish way back in some of the sloughs. I will be on Columbus Sat and truthfully I am not sure today where I will fish. You can call me if you decide to come to Columbus and I will see if I can get you a start. I will PM my cell. Best to call me Friday after the river decides what it is going to do.


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If I choose to go to Columbus I would fish the gravel pits around the Islands. Grenada is any ones guess, maybe Skuna side 7 FOW 1 ft deep and the go as far as the trolling motor will let you...??????????????????????????????????????????/

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Alright thanks!

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