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Tenn-Tom Crappie Club 2011 Rules

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By Shannon - Posted on 23 February 2011

1) Participation in all regular season tourneys is open to all members. To qualify for the classic, you must fish in 2 tourneys or 1 tourney and pay a $40.00 late fee in addition to the classic entry fee.

2) You may enter the tourneys alone or with a partner of your choice as long as both partners are membership dues are paid up for both partners.

3) Permitted fishing waters shall be defined as areas open to all participates of the event and accessible by normal means of navigation. No locking thru will be allowed. No fishing will be allowed within 50 feet of a competitors boat that is considered anchored. (Trolling. Motor must be in the up position.) any violation of off limit waters will result in disqualification.

4) Pre-fishing will be allowed up until 8:00pm of the Wednesday prior to the tourney on Saturday.

5) In case of severe weather or dangerous water conditions, the Tenn Tom Crappie Ckub reserves the right to postpone or cancel the tourney with the return of entry fees.

6) Teams will be allowed to leave the designated boat ramp on the honor system. No fishing will be allowed until the designated start time of the tourney. All boats shall be in the weigh in line by designated time. Anyone nit in line by designated time will be disqualified. This includes boat failure.

7) Teams may have only 2 persons in the boat. There is one exception. There may be a 3rd partner that is 16 or younger.

8) Teams may use rod and reel combos, hand poles and reel combos or hand held poles. Spider Rigging/Trolling is permitted. There will be an 8 pole per boat maximum, except where state limits are less.

9) Live and artificial bait may be used.

10) Crappie must be hooked in the mouth and landed by rod or pole combo. Landing nets are permitted to assist in the landing of the fish.

11) All boats shall meet the USCG and state requirements.

12) Teams must comply with ALL fishing and boating regulations, including PFD use. Fishing licenses are your responsibility and the TTCC will not be responsible for any citations you receive.

13) Crappie must be weighed at official weigh in site.

14) There will be a 7 fish limit. Fish must be alive. If a team puts more than 7 fish in the official weigh basket, that team shall be disqualified. Count your fish. Once you enter the weigh in line, the tournament committee will have the final say on dead or alive fish. You may give extra fish in your boat to replace any fish that is deemed dead.

15) All crappiei brought to the weigh in must be caught during tourney hours and from tourney waters.

16) Payouts will be as follows: 1st-40% 2nd- 30% 3rd- 20% 4th- 10%. Big fish pot will be included in entry fee. $5 per boat will be held out and paid for big fish.

17) In case of a tie, both teams will divide earnings for both spots tied for. In case of a 4th place tie, the teams will split the 4th place money.

18) Protest must be made in writing within 30 minutes following the weigh in and must be presented to a tourney committee member. Rule violation must be cited in protest.

19) No alcoholic beverages or drugs, other than prescription drugs, will be tolerated during the tournament hours or weigh in. Disqualification from the tourney and/or termination from the club without the return of dues could be enforced.

20) No guides may be hired to fish the tournament with you.

21) PFD and emergency kill switch must be worn hen the boat is on plane.

22) These tournaments will be run as professionally as possible and will be considered a family outing. Anyone that is acting in a disrespectful manner will be asked to leave. If you do not leave, we will call the local law enforcement and have you removed from the event without the return of any entry fee or club dues.

23) All events and happenings of the club will be posted on

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Sounds good. Just let us know how to get signed up! Team BIG PAPA.

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