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Tipping jigs with minnows for crappie

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By gillkillr - Posted on 26 January 2011

I have not done any of the crappie fishingi with jigs tipped with Minnows. I hear that it is very effective at times. What I need to know is what size jig to use and how to hook the shiner. Lip, back, or through the eyes?

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Oh and as for jig size I use both 1/16 and 1/8 tipped with minnows. Any smaller and you will have hook set issues when tipping with a minnow.
Oh yeah I prefer minnows on the smaller side when tipping them.


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Gill I really like to tip my jigs with minnows when the bite is slow. I guess I feel like I can get the best of both worlds. Would you like some apple pie or Ice cream? How about apple pie with ice cream on the side. That is the way I think of it anyway.
Now I have witnessed times when the minnow on the jig hurt me more than it helped so my normal approach is the fish with and without the minnow. If the crappiei will bite without the minnow that is the way I go.
I hook the minnow up through the bottom lip so he looks like he is swimming along with the jig in his mouth.


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