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Tips For The Begining Crappie Fisherman

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By Woods - Posted on 12 February 2012

These tips are just my ideas for new crappiei fisherman and intended to help them in buying equipment. I have tried most of the products on the market some I like some not. Remember there are a lot of good products on the market and these are some that I am using now and intended to try to keep you from buying 3 or 4 sets of pole holders. 3 or 4 sets of poles etc. When you can buy one good set and save money in the long run.

Hi-tek pole holders are my choice now. Rod holder is small and almost flat no yolk sticking up to get in your way when reaching for your rods. Easy to adjust and stay in place when set. Adjust with 1/2 inch wrench.

BnM PST 143 Trolling Rods are on my boat now. The BnM PST 143 Trolling rods have plenty of backbone for getting that BIG crappie in the boat and are a good trolling pole.

Reels, I'm using BnM spinning reels. I had rather have my money in a good rod and have a cheap reel. Remember when trolling the reel (for the most part) only holds the line. No casting when trolling.

Eagle Claw (gold) #1 crappie hooks are my choice When trolling minnows.

Jigi hooks, I like #2 and #4 hooks. 1/2 and 3/4 oz egg weight for trolling crappie rigs work great.

Trolling Motor, when buying a trolling motor I would recommend at least a 24 volt. Do not waste money on a 12 volt trolling motor.

Go fishing with a friend or hire a guide to get some tips on equipment before going out and buying blind. Remember this is some of the equipment I use now until something better hits the market. I hope this will help new crappie fisherman who are planning on buying equipment for trolling.

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PoPPS, fish locators for the new fisherman. I would suggest a mid price range locater that shows depth,structure,and depth of fish shown in the water column. I pay close attention to where the fish are in the water column

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John is right on the money with this advise. I use PST 122 and crappiei max spining reels from BPS and driftmaster T250 rod holders. The trolling motor is my next purchase as my 12v motor is a little weak in wendy conditions.

Gator's Guide Service 662-812-7121

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Need that 24 volt at least

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If you get a 24v, go ahead and spend the extra money for a variable speed motor. The five speeds are ok, but there's gonna come a day when the lowest speed you have is not gonna be slow enough, or the second speed will be too fast. I personally have about 500 reasons on how I know this.

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Tracy, you are correct. Can't think of everything at one sitting.

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Thanks John, this is Kirby from Kansas City, sorry I missed your call tonight. I think we are coming down next Monday (weather permitting). I appreciate the article as I am new to spider rigging and trolling for crappiei in general. I will take your advice and buy some supplies at GRIZZLY GIG on our way down next Monday. Also, do you guide groups? My Dad, Uncle and about 4 other friends will be coming down March 25th-28th. We will have probably 3 boats. What kinda deal could you work out for a group like that!?

Crappie Kirby
913 461 3752

Kansas Crappie Guide

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Kirby, I do large groups. Call for more info.

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I use Great Price and Sturdy Almost any degee, Boat rod holders are a little heavy but for the price WOW... you can get a 4 rod trolling rig with stand for less than 65$ shipped, 8 bucks more gets you the 5th holder..Coated or uncoated...BUT NOT TO FORGET your fish locator (Color) High wattage, with DI. Need to find the Thermocline along with the fish......

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