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Transducer coverage area for the US2 by Minn-Kota

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By Anonymous - Posted on 20 May 2010

I hooked my humminbird 787 to the US2 transducer on my Minn-Kota trolling motor. Does anyone know the bottom coverage area you get with the US2 as opposed to the humminbird transducer? Just wondering if it hurt the performance of the depth finder.

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I have mine connected right now also. It works pretty well and here are the numbers.
Minn Kota's cone angle is 14 degrees.
Here is the coverage chart.
(Ft) (Cone)
5 1.2
10 2.5
15 3.7
20 5.0
25 6.2
30 7.5
35 8.7
40 10.0
45 11.2
50 12.5


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Sorry guy I told you wrong. The US2 from Minn-Kota has dual beam capability that matches the Humminbird so there should be no difference in coverage.


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Forgot to add. You can compare the transducers performance by using this equation.
Cone diameter = 2 * Tangent (a/2) * depth
Where a is the transducer cone angle

For example, for a 20 degree cone, cone diameter at 30' of depth is...

Cone diameter = 2 * Tangent (20/2 degrees) * 30'
= 2 * 0.1763 * 30' = 10.6' foot of bottom coverage.

For 20 degree cone just divide depth by 3 and it will be close.


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