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Transducer placement for the 997 SI

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By Anonymous - Posted on 08 July 2010

Another question since you answered the last so quickly and well I might add. I hear it is very important to install the transducer level but since the boat changes positions constantly how do you get the transducer level with the bottom? It would seem impossible since I can not level it while it is in the water.

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Thanks Rambo. I do what I can. Now for this issue you will need to first buy some scuba gear and a waterproof level... Ha Ha. No it is actually pretty easy. To tell if the transducer has the correct running angle on it go by a vertical pole or even a support column for a bridge. Set the unit to display the Si sonar to the side the pole or column will show in and bring the range in some (2x or 3x the water depth). If the angle is set right the pole/column will be shown straight out from the centerline. If it is angled towards the top or bottom of the display than it is not level at that boat speed and you should try to adjust it. Leave the friction nut a little loose before you go out and you can make adjustments on the water then tighten it after you have it set correctly.


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