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By Beau Butler - Posted on 21 June 2010

Ok, I have to ask since it is a new concept to me. Tell me about this slow trolling with crank baits, if that is the proper term.

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I want to hear this explained as well. I know John Woods has pushed cranks. I understand it is just putting 300 series bandit crank baits on with large weights like 1 to 3 ounce and pushing them out the front like slow trolling but the speed is higher like 1.5 MPH. Let's see what Woods can tell us.


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You'd think the boys from Texas would jump all over that question since them Texas boys will pull anything. Or so I've heard. ( Jason are you listening?)

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A flat is just as it sounds. This is an area of shallow water that has no defined drop into deeper water. The water depth is uniform or gets deeper very gradually. Flats can be found at the backs of all the bays, in coves within the bays and on the main lake where the flat land adjacent to the river was covered up by water when the rivers were backed up by damming.

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