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trolling crankbaits

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By jztrak - Posted on 08 June 2009

I need help with trolling crankbaits, my trolling motor is 72lbs of thrust, 24 volt on War Eagle 1860, I prefer to troll w/ my trolling motor as opposed to my outboard.. Is there any batteries that will do this task for more than 2-3 hours...

thanks jztrak

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thanks for the help, these batteries are brand new, everstart 24 DP.... I can troll minnows (slow trolling) all day, no problem... It's when we tie on crankbaits that I wear the batteries down in less than two hours it seems, thats crappiei' I thought, but wanted to make sure before I bought new ones and return these suckers....

thanks again... heading up to sardis for the first time on Monday, any tips for catching them big crappie I hear they have their. I have never fished Sardis, and new lakes intimidate me...


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Most all quality deep cycle marine batteries should perform well enough to pull crank bait for up to 6 to 8 hours when they are in their first 2 years of life. After that most become questionable if you use them as much as I do. I now have a preference for the Duralast from Auto Zone and it is not because they have a much longer life than the others but the warranty they carry is very good. 12 month replacement and 36 month prorated turns into savings for me. Just my take on batteries.


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Most people have the deep cycle c-27, but I've found that the bigger battery c-29 will last much longer. It has bigger plates
and much stronger.
Walmart are any auto parts store has the c-29. You might have to change the battery tray also, but well worth it.
Always ask for a fresh battery made within 30 days of your purchase. The date is stamped on the battery in code and the sales person should know how to read it for you, if not don't buy it there, go else were.
Hope this helps....

crappiei cowboy

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battery made within 30 days of your purchase.

Very good tip thanks

J.I.L. <*)}}}><

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FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simpson Jigs
Phillips 66
Oxygenator/U2 Pro Formula

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We have 2 optima's and troll 24v for 8 hrs easily. Look for RC on batteries which is reserve capacity(how long battery will go before it is drained.) The more the better. We have been 5 years on same optima's so no complaint.

FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simpson Jigs
Phillips 66
Oxygenator/U2 Pro Formula

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I don't know much about batteries,but i have the same trolling motor 72lb,24 volts on a 18ft glass boat and i can troll cranks for about 7 hours before it dies,I may be not running as fast as you,my top speed is about 1.8 most of the time I keep it at about 1.5,I also try not to push against the wind.
Almost forgot I have diehard marnie gel batteries in my boat.


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