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umbrella EZ mount

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By EZ Duzit - Posted on 26 July 2011

Thanks Thomas for permission to post your review of my umbrella E-Z mounts. Leon

Having searched high and low for a solution for my own personal shade for my G3 Center Console, I found one of the forum sponsors here to offer a great solution. Umbrella EZ Mounts. I contacted Leon numerous times and he was always quick to reply and answered all of my questions. I initially thought about a t-top which was a bit over $1k which wasn't an issue IF it would offer the wife and I an escape from the sun while fishing. Simply put, they don't.

I have come across numerous other "umbrella" alternatives and I wasn't impressed with them and didn't know quite what to expect. Much to much pleasant surprise, Leon shipped these quickly (I ordered two) one for the wife and a second for myself. When the package arrived, I was quite pleased with the very stout, yet simply design. The product is well made, very well thought out and strong. The components were all neatly packaged in the box and all directions were very EZ and clearly written. The bases mounted up to the seats in about 15 minutes, coffee breaks included. I also chose to use an adjustable bungee cord to reduce any "wobble factor" since the umbrellas are 6' in diameter and it works nicely.

I searched for a well made umbrella with the preference going to one that as UV resistant and in this case, size DID matter. I settled on SunTek Solar Umbrellas from Amazon dot com at $28 and change each shipped.

I mounted the umbrella today and snapped a few quick photos for your perusal. If you are on a quest for some personal shade, you cannot go wrong. All said and told, I invested less than $200 for a good quality setup that will keep the mrs. and myself cooler while we are out on the lake. IMHO, the product is a WINNER. Sure to keep you cool in the dawg days of summer and dry when that unexpected down pour hits!

I have no affiliation with Leon and his company but I do believe in giving kudos when they are deserved.

Thanks Leon
Leon can be reached at e-mail or cell # 334-790-2912

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That is a nice product review.


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Thanks Ray, I like to make people Happy and to protect them from the Suns Uv rays while they are fishin in there Own Shade. Thanks again, EZ Duzit
Anybody got questions go to or e-mail me at and my cell# is 334-790-2912

Ain't seen a man yet who could fish and worry at the same time:-)

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