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Using Buoy Markers

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By tmore - Posted on 06 February 2011

My name is Thomas. I live in UpState NY. I've been bass fishing for years. I watched a video and I noticed that buoy markers are tossed away from the structure. I use to toss it on top of the structure.

Question is how far from structure should I toss it and who do I fish that structure since I shouldn't be on top of it?

Thanks and any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks for your input to my question.


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Hey Thomas. I like to toss my marker buoy just about 10 feet or so on the upwind side of the cover I am trying to fish. In Deep water say anything over 12 feet it really does not matter but any more shallow than that and placing the marker just off the cover will help no spook the fish. In shallow water I fish with a 11 foot pole to help me reach to the cover so not get on right on top of it.
Hope that helps.


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