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Using two humminbird SI units at the same time

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By Knolosarldodo - Posted on 28 January 2011

I am new to this so please bear with my ignorance. I have a 998c SI mounted on the console with the transducer mounted on the transom. I just purchased a 798Ci SI that I plan to install on the bow of the boat. Boat is a 21 foot Stratus. I plan on installing a transducer on the bottom of trolling motor for the 798Ci SI. Will I be able to use both units at the same time? Will I have to turn off one of the units because of interference due to both transducers working at the same time? If I understand it rite I cant hook both units to one transducer and use both at the same time? Thanks for any help given

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Not likely to have interference with that distance between the transducers but, anytime you have two sonar units that use the same frequency on a boat and their sonar beams overlap; there is the chance that you will see sonar-to-sonar interference. There are a lot of factors that go into whether this will happen, whether your sonar unit may be able to automatically filter them out or if you can manually filter them out.
If you do see interference just turn on and up the Noise Filter menu on the unit that is showing the sonar interference. Not a 100% fix but it helps many times. Further things to try would be to manually set the lower depth range (Lower Range menu) to a setting that is different than the other units automatic lower depth range setting.


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