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Visibly, Unseen

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By Roper Outdoors - Posted on 03 January 2011

Zoom, zoom the boats go by, they can’t see that stump out the corner of
their eye. I have noticed being on the tournament trail, that a lot of
anglers pass visible structure all the time. They will travel 5 to 15min.
just to get to a particular spot on the lake and miss 10 to 20 spots that
they could be fishing. There’s one thing I’ve learned, a tree standing alone
in a cove or a flat probably has fish on it. Crappie are attracted to
structure, this could be a dock, bridge pillar, stump, tire or a fallen
tree. I’ve seen guys fly right past a stump or a shrub to get to a
well-known creek and at the end of the tournament find out that the
neglected structure produced one of the largest crappiei in the tournament.
Tip: When fishing look for isolated structure, they will normally produce
fish. Another tip to remember, in high-pressured lakes, look for areas that
people normally look over and fish visible structure in that area. If you
are crappie fishingi and it’s extremely sunny fish to the shady side of the
tree first. Crappies love the shade and they will congregate under boat
docks. Hope these few helpful tips will bring bigger and more crappie in
your boat.

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I have always liked that isolated cover that is almost to much trouble to make your way out to. Thanks for the info guys.


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