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Why do I get a run time error message when using Google Earth with Humminbird PC?

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By Ray - Posted on 05 May 2010

It appears that Google Earth has changed their software such that the new version is no longer compatible with Humminbird PC. This is a risk we take when we make our software work with someone else's software that we do not control.
In the meantime, the only solution we can propose at this time is to down grade your version of Google Earth back to a version that works with Humminbird PC.

We believe that Humminbird PC should work fine with Google Earth version 4.2 or earlier. We are currently running Google Earth version 4.3.7284 with Humminbird PC with no problems on a Windows XP computer.
It would be recommended to completely uninstall the current version of Google Earth before installing the older version.
One place on the web that has older versions of Google Earth for download is:

Verision 4.3.7284 is here:
Version 4.2.0205 is here:
There is a green download icon on the page that says "Download this version".

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