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Why a Handheld GPS when you have Humminbird GPS

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By Himaspeaptume - Posted on 09 February 2011

I recently bought a Humminbird 798 and I am wondering why you guys that have Humminbird units still have handheld GPS as well? I am new to all this technology but just seems it would be easier to keep up with just one unit. Is there some I am missing or is there something wrong with the Humminbird GPS feature?

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I am one of those guys that has has both. Matter of fact I have 2 humminbird GPS capable units and 2 handhelds but that may be a little much.
The main 2 reasons I still use handheld GPS is: First I over the years got very comfortable with operating the handheld and just like it. With the Humminbird I can find the way points just as accurately but it takes a bit of getting use to and I have to approach from a little further away. Second and more important with the handheld I can fish from other boats like with my friends and family and still have my way points.
I have 2 handhelds because if one quits for some reason I have a back-up. For me and the way I fish now if I do not have GPS I will be in serious trouble.


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