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Why is my 788ci losing the bottom?

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By RSEAPLANE - Posted on 04 August 2011

Why is my 788ci losing the bottom? Updates current, It loses bottom when the boat is still or slowly moving on the trolling motor. Keeps bottom when running big motor at slow idle or up on plane. It happens everytime I take the boat out. Help!!

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More than likely the armerture is going bad in the tolling motor. Seen it happen personally in the last two years.

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My thought is it will be one of 2 things. First is it interference from the trolling motor? Just see if the loss of bottom occurs when you turn on the trolling motor and if so then there is your answer.
Second: Are you in Shallow water 5 feet or less? If So.
Set your surface clutter in the 8-10 range.
Then, lower the sensitivity down in the 1-5 range.
Next, you can try the Switchfire Clear Mode.
Final, you can set the unit to 200kHz only.


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