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Will Thru Hull transducer work on Aluminum boat?

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By Anonymous - Posted on 19 May 2010

Will sonar work through an aluminum boat? I know it will on glass or plastic but not sure on the aluminum boat.

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Hey Tim. The thru hull transducers all the major manufactures of depth finders make are not intended for use with aluminum boats. Will they work? Well the answer is not well or not as well as the external transducers.

That said there is another option that is getting a lot of recognition for their aluminum thru hull transducer.
I have not tried one but here is their website and basic info.
The latest innovation from Radarsonics Inc. is the patent pending AlumaDucer. The AlumaDucer is the world’s only transducer designed to transmit through Aluminum boat hulls with ZERO signal loss. The revolutionary new AlumaDucer is built using a universal transducer adapter or with a custom plug to fit any 200 kHz sonar. The AlumaDucer looks similar to a standard transducer but is designed to automatically compensate for the loss of signal strength that you always see when you try to mount a standard transducer to the inside of an aluminum or fiberglass hull. This means; no more holes in your boat, no more worries about breaking off your transducer at the boat ramp or giant rooster tails spouting from the back of your boat getting you wet, and no more signal loss. Each transducer can be ordered with a special blend of Acoustically Conductive Epoxy, or A.C.E. Adhesive™, ensuring the bond between the transducer and the aluminum hull is perfect every time.


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