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By wingman - Posted on 03 March 2009

What do you guys do different when the wind is blowing to catch fish. I can be catching fish and then there comes the wind and seems like they just shut down. When trolling what do you do,change lures, change speed,go shallower, or deeper? Just cant figure it out.

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Thanks for the help guys. I caught fish twice now that I probably wouldnt have thanks to crappiei 101 and a windsock.

Take a kid fishing!!!

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Dug the windsock out of the shed and it came in handy. Caught 17, if I hadnt took it probably would have 5 fish. Thanks guys.

Take a kid fishing!!!

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I have used a drift sock to slow the speed and get boat control back with good results. When the waves bounce the boat to much I go to a heavier sinker to keep my bait fron jumping up and down so much. That worked for me as well.

Kid Crappie

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KidCrappie in my opinion hit the nail on the head. Most of the time when trolling and the winds seem to stop the bite, it is really boat control or more accurately Baiti control, unless of course it is an East wind which I have not found a fix for. So when the wind gets up, throw out the wind sock, add weight and maybe even transfer as much weight as possible to the front of the boat to keep those jigs moving slow and steady. If the front of the boat is bouncing or you are moving too fast you will not catch crappiei.


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Got a windsock in boat ready for the wind. Looks like its gonna blow the next couple of days.

Take a kid fishing!!!

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