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AR Crappie Academy

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By Roper Outdoors - Posted on 31 January 2015

Just wanted to pass this on. If you want to learn more about crappie fishingi and you want a classroom hands on learning experience, Crappie Academy is for you.

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***AR Feb. 7, 2015 Crappie Academy Itinerary***

8:00 − 8:45AM > Check In Registration

8:45 − 9:00AM > Welcome By Host & Founder

9:00 − 9:45AM > Jarad Roper Spider Rigging 101

9:45 − 10:00AM > Breaki

10:00 − 10:45AM > Humminbird Presentationi

10:45 − 11:00AM > Break

11:00 − 11:45AM > Humminbird Presentation

11:45 − 12:55PM > LUNCH

1:00 − 1:45PM > Barry Morrow Pre Spawni/Spawn Locations & Tactics (Jigi Fishing)

1:45 − 2:00PM > Break

2:00 − 2:45PM > Jarad Roper Vertical Trolling Rigs (Class Activity)

2:45 − 3:00PM > Break

3:00 − 3:45PM > Barry Morrow Post Spawn/Transition Locations & Tactics (Jig Fishing)

3:45 − 4:00PM > Break

4:00 − 5:15PM > Jarad Roper Dock Shooting & Dock Shooting Game (Class Activity)

5:15 − 5:25PM > Break

5:25 − 6:00PM > Q & A

6:01PM > The End

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Thanks for stopping by We are the site dedicated to crappie fishingi. We bring you tips and techniques from crappie country's top pros and the everyday fisherman not to mention the most complete information on crappie lakes from all around the country.

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